Here are the answers to some of the questions I have been asked, mostly about my services for weddings. Feel free to ask me more!

Because I like sci fi and the way it uses and abuses of science, space and the dark matter that composes a big part of it,

Because I like my photos with contrast and deep blacks, with a consideration for space around the subject – be it negative space or, all the way round, drastic cuts – (and since you read so far, I take it you like that style too, don’t you?!)

Because it sends back to the darkroom once used to develop photographs, and to the deep thinking that bound me for too long (btw such a conceptualized brand name does reflect the abuse of grey matter…)

Because… it sounds nice, doesn’t it ?

Instead of creating packages hour-based (“ceremony + cocktail” or “couple session + ceremony + cocktail”… as they are often suggested in France to cut down prices), I wanted to offer the possibility to illustrate every important moments of the day while remaining affordable. The only left variable was the amount of photos delivered.

10 hours of accompagnying the bride and groom allows to cover at least the end of getting ready and the beginning of the reception (dancefloor pics!). Moreover those moments make for more interesting and artistic photos. It would be sad to miss them for financial reasons

Starting the shooting day with the getting ready, is also perfect to put everybody at ease and get used to the camera before the turmoil of the day!

Besides, I won’t cover 2 weddings on the same day no matter what. So limiting my time with you is definitely not on my mind.

Weddings taking place within a range of 80km around Verdun, Meuse, have complimentary travel costs. The price of 5€/km will be applied to go further.

I work with 2 main DSLR (canon 5DmkII and canon 6DmkII) and a third one for back-ups (a good old 20D, for those who remember). With 2 cameras at hand already mounted with different lenses I am more reactive to anything happening in front of me since I wouldn’t have to change lenses mid-action…

My favorite lense is the 70-200mm F2,8 for it’s brightness, sharpness. That zoom makes it easy to blend in the crowd to capture candids without being noticed.


I also have useful accessories : flashes (to avoid disturbing a scene naturally occuring, I try to use the flash as less as possible. But oftentimes, it is necessary to achieve beautiful images… We definitely would need to discuss that matter), light modifiers, external flash trigger, tripod…

What are image rights ? In a nutshell, in France, thanks to those rights, a person whose picture has been taken always can refuse it to be published on the internet, or printed on a flyer, or any other carrier. As a result, one need to obtain the subject’s agreement before releasing a photo showing his/her face.

The respect of image rights is dear to me. Contracts binding me with my clients thereby leave the choice to allow or refuse publishing photos on given medium (this website, instagram, facebook…). Since it’s impossible before the wedding to know which pictures would be of use to me, I send after the wedding a limited list of pictures and ask for permission to publish them specifically. It’s a reinforced security to control one’s image rights.

After the wedding, work is not over. I still have to select and to edit the photos that will be delivered. That phase implies correcting framing, enhance contrasts, lights, white balance… That’s part of the craftsmanship. Sometimes, a pictures that would seem average on first impression turns out to be very beautiful after a simple editing, especially when turned in black and white.

I would touch-up little flows only upon asking.

Moreover, I don’t use presets that even all the pictures with a certain style (so that every pictures turn out dark and moody, or light and airy for example). Although it’s fashionable, I wish for your photos to, in 20 years from now, stay true to the reality instead of a fashion. I don’t mind sacrificing the consistency of my book for that purpose.

No prints are included in my packages. The online gallery will offer you and your guests the possibility to buy prints of different size and medium. I can also recommend a talented printer in Verdun to get art prints.

I am into digital photography. It’s so much handier nowadays to carry our pictures with us in our phone than in a big book! and easier to look at them again and again every spare minute (oh yes, you’re gonna do that!).

If I don’t personally enjoy clutter myself with albums (I’d rather go with a big frame hung on the wall), I must confess that it can be a pretty item. And even that turning the pages to slowly unveil beautifully displayed pictures is actually very nice!

Therefore, I can also page and have printed be a professional, a beautiful book with all your favorites photos. Prices start at 200€.

My bucketlist

We all have a list of things we want to do. Wedding photographers have a list of different wedding kind they’d like to shoot!

If you plan a wedding along the line of one of my dream-wedding-to-cover, please do contact me! I might make an offer you can’t refuse! ^_-

  • a metalhead-and-proud-to-be wedding (the tattoos, the black, the headbang on the dancefloor… that kind of stuff!)
  • a steampunk or victorian era styled wedding
  • a wedding held in an abandonned building, urbex style
  • a medievial wedding at Hattonchatel Castle (look here how great that place is!). Or at Gombervaux Castle it would be fanstastic too! (yes, I am sharing some Meuse’s venues here!)
  • a rockabilly styled wedding
  • a typical american wedding (because it’s held differently than France’s wedding and I would enjoy being surrounded by american talking people)
a bride with a tattoo on the back

And if you are a wedding vendor willing to participate in a wedding styled shoot : let’s be friends!